Need a specific workshop tailored to meet your training goals?

The Ruffians core teachers have over 12 years of hands on experience teaching practical tools that will hone and develop theater makers from the beginner to advanced levels and also key into tapping creativity, impulse exploring and team building / partnership support.


For more information please contact for details.

Physical Theater Workshop

This workshop is designed to get you creatively thinking on your feet. Expect to begin to build a vocabulary in exploring performance from the outside in. Utilizing movement and following impulse, become familiar with your own body in space, and begin a working knowledge of successful partnering in the physical world. Come prepared to move!

Clowning Performance Workshop

This workshop is a beginning introduction into clown character, and the Ruffians specific approach to clown performance. The goal is to become your most basic self on stage and build though play. It will give you a taste of opening awareness to your partner, the audience, and you on stage. Come prepared to move!

Storytelling and Adaptation Workshop

In this workshop, you will begin to understand how to develop an idea into a creative stage picture or performance. Through free-writing, task, and physical object, you will start a working knowledge of putting something “on its feet”. Come prepared to move!