at The Pivot Arts Festival in June 2016


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Ivywild retells the wondrous life achievements of Bathhouse John, Chicago’s now forgotten but once most beloved flamboyant and boisterous politician, whose idealic attitude succeeded in transporting rides and animals from the city of Chicago to a mountainside in Colorado where he proceeded to build one the most magical and wholesome amusement parks of his time. In its glory days, the amusement park was filled with wide eyed children who met exotic animals for the first time and stared into the golden buzz of hundreds of colorful electric edison bulbs surrounded in a world of breathtaking amusement park rides. However idealic, Bath’s park (and life) in Ivywild was drastically different than the world he inhabited back home in Chicago as he was the alderman of the city’s most corrupt neighborhoods “The Levy District” notorious for its election rigging, city council grafting, booze, vice and prostitution. The show Ivywild takes Bath on an amusement park ride of his own, forcing him to relive and atone for both the joys and sorrows of his life as the most popular but also the most corruptive wealthy city politician Chicago has ever known. An exploration of beauty, regretful loss and ultimately atonement and hope, Ivwyild reintroduces audiences to Chicago’s forgotten but most beloved and corrupt politician.

A celebration of the imaginative magic of each individual’s potential to leave a mark, however brief and fleeting, on the world and the consequential demons that haunt the most compromising moments accrued in one’s lifetime. Ivywild reminds us of the brief and fleeting potential each day offers one to dream and choose our joys carefully. A collision of one man’s dreams and his historical facts is the fuel that plummets this emotive story and live experience into an unforgettable evening of theatricality. Slam packed with music, dancing, acrobatics, singing and clowning audience interactions, Ivywild delivers both heart wrenching joy and sorrow in equal poetic punches. It would be thrilling to further discuss the possibility of producing this amusement filled show with you. 


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